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Privacy policy




(as per art.13/ law 196/2003)


We would like to inform you that, for the esecution of the contractual relationship between our company and your company, Fogal Refrigeration srl is in possession of data about your company that have been acquired directly, verbally or through a third party information.
Data are considered as private data as by law enacted (nr. 196/2003) – Code for the protection of the personal data.
This code provides that who is in possession of personal data is obliged to inform the parties concerned and is obliged to be legal and transparent.
The privacy and the rights of the parties concerned must be respected and protected.

Nature of the above mentioned data

  • We use your fiscal and personal data as well as the economic data that are required to carry out the business relationship between our and your company.
  • We are not in possession of any data known as sensitive (art.4/d of the code) or judicial (art.4/e of the code).

Purpose of the data processing

  • Your data will be used in relation to the contractual requirements in order to allow an effective conduct of financial and commercial business.
  • Data will be used during the whole period of the business relationship, for the fulfilment of law disposals and for commercial and administrative purposes.

Procedure of the data processing

Data will be processed by informatic or paper means; privacy and security will be always guaranteed.

Duty or right to give data

  • With regard to the obliged data, the non-conferment of it will involve the impossibility to start or to carry on the business relationship.
  • With regard to the data we are not obliged to know, the non–conferment of them will be evaluated from time to time and will affect the decisions compared to the importance they have for our organisation.

Who will know the data

The following cathegories will be able to know • your data as responsible persons of the data processing, named from FOGAL REFRIGERATION srl.

  • director, managing directors and auditors
  • record offices and secretary
  • accountants and bookkepers
  • agents and sales representatives

Communication and diffusion

Data will not be released .Our company will be able to give data only in these terms:

  • to people that can gain access to them only by law
  • to people that can gain access to them only for auxiliary purpose (such for instance banks or forwarding companies)
  • To our external advisors, that will respect security and privacy, only during the execution of their tasks in our company.

Your rights

Find attached the letter of the law 7 196/2003 to confirm you that you will be able to exercise towards Fogal Refrigeration srl the following rights :

  • to obtain the confirmation of the existence of your personal data, even if not already filed
  • to obtain the indication of the origin of the personal data and their purpose
  • to obtain the amendment and the updating of the data
  • to obtain the cancellation, the changement into anonymous form or the freeze of the data
  • to obtain the statement that the people that received the data know about the amendment, the cancellation, the correction, the changing into an anonymous form of the data
  • to oppose entirely or partially, for valid and legal reasons, to the processing of the data
  • to oppose entirely or partially to the processing of the data in case of advertising leaflets, direct sale, surveys or commercial communications

To exercise these rights you can apply to the company Fogal Refrigeration srl.

Best regards

FOGAL refrigeration srl

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